Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Look Into the Past!

Last semester we did multiple group activities involving social studies. One activity that my group did was to research and see how different countries played Hopscotch. One may think, "Hopscotch, that's not a hard game to play," but in fact, it is harder to play in some countires. We learned how to play Hopscotch in Aruba, Boliva, France, and the United States. One country that interested my group was France. The name of their Hopscotch game is called "Escargot." You may be thinking that is some sort of snail that you can eat, but it is much more than that! The people in France take chalk and draw the shape of a snail on pavement, and that is essentially their Hopscotch mat! In order to win this game the person has to choose one foot to begin hopping on, and then they have to continue to use that same foot for the rest of the game. They have to hop from square 1 to 17 without stepping on any lines or resting. You may think it is easy when reading about it, but hopping on one foot without stepping on any lines or without losing your balance is more difficult than it sounds! :D This was a wonderful activity because we got to learn all of the different ways to play Hopscotch, and it made us want to research other popular games around the world and compare and contrast with how they are played in the United states. Here is a picture of my group when we were researching the different Hopscotch games. I provided a link for you to use for the main website that our group used, just click on "How to Play Hopscotch, and it will take you to the website!

How to Play Hopscotch!

Below is another link to a blog. This blog is from a student that played a game from a different country. Enjoy!

Games around the world!

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